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A Multifandom Mess

I'm Pikky and texts posts are now the lifequest tag.
Sometimes I write things.
Sep 29 '14



I'm Batman
Kane52630 Gifs


Sep 29 '14


sometimes I get sad but then the world does this and everything’s okay

Sep 29 '14


Portraits of Birds Ruffling with Personality by Leila Jeffreys

Sep 29 '14
Sep 29 '14


Fact: This is a first person shooter.

Sep 28 '14




Sep 28 '14

Mercenaries at the pool headcanons

  • Scout: Brags about what an amazing swimmer he is, but actually can't swim very well and ends up trying to pick up chicks by the poolside instead.
  • Solider: Does cannonballs almost nonstop. Splashes way too much. Yells constantly as usual. Generally a nuisance.
  • Pyro: Is ok with swimming equipped with water wings and an inner tube. Plays with boats in the shallow end.
  • Demo: Can't swim while drunk (Medic wont let him), so he hangs out in the hot tub with all the alcohol he can drink.
  • Heavy: Enjoys himself until he accidentally breaks the diving board. Plays Marco Polo with Soldier and cheers up.
  • Engie: Not much of a swimmer. Keeps an eye on Pyro and Soldier while relaxing poolside with a cold beer.
  • Medic: Puts something in the water and asks people if they feel strange. Spends the rest of the time observing from a lounge chair.
  • Sniper: Shows up in a Speedo with the Australian flag on it and unintentionally makes other people really uncomfortable. Swims a few laps and then joins Engie.
  • Spy: Gripes about going, shows up in his usual suit instead of a bathing suit, gripes about being there and how it's too hot and noisy and crowded. Sulks in a corner chair with a glass of wine until Soldier splashes him. He throws a fit and goes home.
Sep 28 '14
Sep 28 '14
Fall Out Boy - Light 'Em Up for Centuries (Mash Up)

"Just one mistake, is all it will take, we’ll go down in history. You will remember me, for centuries."

"In the end, everything collides. My childhood spat back out the monster that you see. My songs know what you did in the dark."


My original music: Facebook / Bandcamp

More mash ups: music tag

Sep 28 '14


did anyone want this lightened? of course not but YOU GET IT ANYWAYS